Jama Software® Releases Jama Connect Advisor™ – The Industry’s First Native, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Advisor to Improve Requirement Quality

PORTLAND, Ore., USA, Oct 26, 2022 — Jama Software®, the leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, today announced the launch of the Jama Connect Advisor™ — an intelligent, natural language advisor that improves the quality of requirements based on industry-recommended best practices by INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) rules and EARS (Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax) notation for successful product development and market delivery.

Maintaining requirements quality is critical for product development as studies have shown that 70 to 85 percent of rework is due to faulty requirements. Efficient, precise, and accurately written requirements are the single source of truth that aligns development efforts across engineering disciplines, reducing rework, lengthy integration meetings, and costly late-stage surprises.

“Needs, requirements, verification, and validation are common threads that tie all systems lifecycle activities and artifacts together. Because of this, the quality of the needs and requirements is critical to project success. Tools such as Jama Connect Advisor — that aid those defining well-formed needs and requirements and have the characteristics defined in the INCOSE Guide to Writing Requirements — are invaluable,“ said Lou Wheatcraft, Senior Consultant, Managing Member, Wheatland Consulting, LLC, and Co-Chair INCOSE Requirements Working Group.

Companies not only benefit from reduced rework, but also the automation of training for new engineers to learn requirements authoring best practices. Jama Connect Advisor provides self-paced training as requirements are being authored and reviewed to help new engineers ramp up quickly without placing time demands on more experienced engineers.

Requirement quality is critical to our success, but it is hard to train and enforce. Jama Connect Advisor gives us the ability to train new engineers and ensure consistent requirement quality across projects – a real game changer for us,” said Sheila King, Senior Project Engineer, Rockwell Automation.

Jama Connect Advisor helps engineers and product developers:

  • Author intricate product requirements quickly, easily, and with precision
  • Leverage engineering-based natural language processing guidance while editing within
    Jama Connect®
  • Develop and improve authoring skills through guidance based on industry-recommended practice by INCOSE Rules and EARS Notation

“Jama Software is committed to helping our clients improve the performance of the engineering process. Fundamental to this improvement is ensuring the quality of requirements through intelligent analysis and automated training for new engineers,” said Marc Osofsky, Chief Executive Officer, Jama Software.

Key Benefits of Jama Connect Advisor:

  • Reduce costly rework
  • Eliminate late-stage errors due to faulty requirements
  • Automate the training of engineers on requirements authoring best practices
  • Increase engineering productivity through quality automation
  • Reduce tedious and morale-draining integration meetings

With correct, precise, and efficient requirements, companies can accelerate product development to remain competitive in this new era of innovation.
For more information on Jama Connect Advisor please refer to our datasheet.


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