Jama Software® Enables Measurable Performance Improvement with Client-Specific Success Paths

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Jama Software® Enables Measurable Performance Improvement with Client-Specific Success Paths

PORTLAND, Ore., USA, June 1, 2022.
Jama Software®, the leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, today announced a further advancement to its market-leading customer success program that has led to high levels of customer retention and award-winning customer satisfaction. Jama Software clients are now able to define measurable success paths from a catalog of consulting offerings to derive optimum and continuous value from Jama Connect®. The new Jama Software Success Program helps customers accelerate the best possible business outcomes and realize long-term success. This comes with a host of holistic service offering packages that are unparalleled in the market when compared to other players in the requirements management and engineering tools space.

With in-house industry experts, extensive consulting, training, and data-driven insights to measure and improve outcomes, the Jama Software Success Program enables customers to accelerate development, improve product quality, reduce risk, and manage innovation in systems engineering.

“With this program update, Jama Software now provides best practice engineering process improvement,” stated Tom Tseki, Chief Revenue Officer. “While other software companies are focused on just implementing their solutions, Jama Software is focused on providing measured process improvement for our customers that goes way beyond just the implementation of software.”

With the Jama Software Success Program, clients can now select the success path that best maps to the level of collaboration required to meet their unique needs and desired business outcomes. These customizable success paths deliver the industry-specific expertise, guidance, and resources clients need to see a quick return on investment and achieve their goals.

The Jama Software Success Program has three primary offerings:
Essentials Success – A foundational self-guided success path with access to key resources, tutorials, and training to set customers on the road to success.
• Guided Success – A guided success path with enhanced resource offerings, including benchmark assessments, personalized training offerings, and technical services to help evaluate compliance and improve process and quality.
• Strategic Success – A strategic success path that provides even more advanced offerings, premium-level support, and a close partnership in complex and ongoing enterprise deployments to drive continuous process improvement across multiple projects.

“The Jama Software Success Program leverages Jama Software’s consulting expertise and catalog offerings to build customized success paths and define a best-practice proven methodology that helps customers achieve their desired business outcomes and maximize productivity.“
John D’Addario, Senior Director of Customer Success
Jama Software


“Companies are looking to measure and improve their systems engineering process to improve quality and reduce time to market. We are the first company to combine process measurement, industry consulting expertise, and requirements traceability software to make this a reality for clients through success paths.”
Preston Mitchell, Senior Director of Global Business Consulting
Jama Software

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About Jama Software

Jama Software is focused on maximizing innovation success. Numerous firsts for humanity in fields such as fuel cells, electrification, space, autonomous vehicles, surgical robotics, and more all rely on Jama Connect® to minimize the risk of product failure, delays, cost overruns, compliance gaps, defects, and rework. Jama Connect uniquely creates Live Traceability™ through siloed development, test, and risk activities to provide end-to-end compliance, risk mitigation, and process improvement. Our rapidly growing customer base of more than 12.5 million users across 30 countries spans the automotive, medical device, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace & defense, industrial manufacturing, financial services, and insurance industries. Visit us at jamasoftware.com.

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