Jama Software Eases Pain of IBM DOORS with Simple Migration Solution

Jama Software today announces a simple migration solution for IBM DOORS customers who want to modernize their product delivery processes and transfer their data to the Jama Product Delivery platform. The company also makes generally available its new enterprise collaboration capabilities, including an activity stream and decision tracking, the cornerstone of Jama’s strategy to connect development with the rest of the business. The collaboration layer sits on top of Jama’s requirements and test management solution, seamlessly integrating conversations about projects into the development process.

Key capabilities included in the Jama Summer 2013 release, available today:

  • Jama for DOORS Migration: A simple process for DOORS customers who want to migrate their requirements, test cases, modules and other data into Jama. Users can do it themselves or enlist Jama best practices consultants
  • Collaboration Stream: Members of the project team can engage with key stakeholders by pulling them into product-related conversations by @mention, email or notification.
  • Decisions: Jama elevates critical and time-sensitive decisions to the right people and lets them respond in real time from wherever they are—via email, direct from a mobile device or the collaboration stream. Activity is tagged with filterable hashtags so everyone knows when a decision is needed, has been made and by whom. Decisions serves as a historical system of record.
  • Capture: Users import meeting room brainstorm sessions and planning conversations and keep them in context with Jama’s one-click whiteboard capture. Subsequent conversations connect back to the original concept and project, keeping product objectives at the forefront of development.

DOORS Migration
The Jama for IBM DOORS migration solution is welcome news to the thousands of DOORS customers who are locked-in to the legacy requirements tool and becoming increasingly frustrated with both the tool and with IBM’s vague guidance on how they should upgrade.

“IBM Rational DOORS is a legacy requirements tool that many customers find to be incompatible with rapid, iterative development processes,” says Eric Winquist, CEO of Jama. “At Jama, we believe misalignment between project teams and business stakeholders is one of the root causes of product failure. We are building product development solutions that work the way people want to work.”

Social Product Delivery
The Jama Product Delivery Platform connects business decision-makers with development teams via enterprise social tools that sit on top of the company’s flagship collaborative requirements-management and test-management solution. Jama extends product innovation out of development to include all phases of the product delivery cycle, from concept to launch.

Jama continues to expand the value of enterprise social software to solve a specific, and critical, business problem. By having real-time conversations about projects in the same place where the work happens, Jama users can associate development changes and issues with potential business impact.