Jama Software® Delivers Major Enhancements to the Jama Connect® for Airborne Systems Solution

Jama Software® Delivers Major Enhancements to the Jama Connect® for Airborne Systems Solution

Accelerate and optimize airborne systems development with a new set of supported frameworks, projects, and standards

Portland, Ore., USA, Feb 15, 2023Jama Software®, the industry-leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, announces enhancements to its Jama Connect® for Airborne Systems solution. Jama Software is committed to continuously enhancing its industry solutions, enabling customers to easily manage requirements, achieve Live Traceability™, and accelerate systems development.

The Jama Connect for Airborne Systems Solution is a complete set of frameworks, example projects, and procedural documentation used to accelerate the implementation of Jama Connect for organizations developing airborne systems and components. This is the third major upgrade to the solution since 2019 and these new capabilities are available to existing and new customers alike. The update both refines the existing solution elements and expands the scope of the solution to meet airborne safety and cybersecurity standards ARP4761A and DO-326A respectively.

“Having all of the applicable 14 CFR regulations preloaded at the beginning of a new project greatly accelerates assigning the driving requirements without extensive data entry,” said Jeffrey Spitzer, Chief Engineer at Transcend Air.

The newly upgraded Jama Connect for Airborne Systems provides the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence and decrease time-to-value with an established scope and direct alignment of requirements for airborne systems
  • Reduced deployment time and risk of negative outcomes with defined and justified configuration, export templates, and reports
  • Reduced adoption time of new standards such as ARP4754A/DO-178C/DO-254/ARP4761A when developing complex airborne systems
  • “Jama Software continues to lead with innovation and work alongside our customers to invest deeply and cater to the needs of the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. The Jama Connect for Airborne Systems solution has enhanced support and provides a standards-compliant framework that can streamline compliance demonstration for aviation system development. This is a major milestone for us! And we are here to help our customers stay ahead of the rapidly changing Aviation industry,” said Cary Bryczek, Director of Aerospace and Defense Solutions at Jama Software.

    The Jama Connect for Airborne Systems Solution consists of multiple components that make up a ready- to-use configuration including:

  • Airborne Systems Dataset: Includes frameworks and sample sets aligned to ARP4754A, ARP4761A, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-326A along with US Code of Federal Regulations Airborne Systems Library (eCFR) – pre-imported Title 14, Subchapter C, Parts 21-59
  • Procedure Documentation and Reports: The procedure documentation provides teams with straight-forward processes that they can follow to make best use of Jama Connect in compliance with standards included in the dataset
  • Success Program (Add-on): Includes an Aerospace and Defense Jama Software Consultant to optimize your Jama Connect configuration, teach best practices, and train your team
  • Data Exchange (Add-On): This utility allows the exchange of requirements, architecture, and tests across the supply change and between tools using the industry standard ReqIF format

“Jama Connect has enabled Ursa Major to document airborne systems requirements and track verification closure in a streamlined and organized way which has enhanced communication and success between our teams,” said Maggie Mueller, Systems Engineer at Ursa Major Technologies, Inc.

To learn more about Jama Connect for Airborne Systems Solution, please visit our Aerospace and Defense page. If you would like to speak with one of our industry experts and book a free Jama Connect trial, click here.

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