Introducing The Essential Guide to Requirements Management and Traceability

press release jama softwarePORTLAND, Ore., USA, April 8th, 2022 — Jama Software®, the leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, today announced the release of The Essential Guide to Requirements Management and Traceability – a comprehensive microsite that helps engineers gain access to information on best practices related to requirements management and requirements traceability.

“Jama Software is committed to enabling system engineering excellence,” said Tom Tseki, Jama Software’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Practitioners can use this comprehensive nine-chapter guide to learn and follow best practices across all aspects of the systems development process.”

What is requirements management and why does it matter?

Requirements management is the process of gathering, analyzing, and validating the needs and wants for the given product or system being developed.

Successful requirements management ensures that completed deliverables meet the expectations of key stakeholders, and this guide will help teams navigate the complexity of writing requirements all the way through verification and validation activities.

What is live requirements traceability and why does it matter?

Live Traceability™ is the ability for any engineer at any time to see the most up to date and complete up and downstream information for any requirement, no matter what stage of development it is in or how many siloed tools and teams it spans. It enables the systems engineering process to be managed through data-driven KPIs and exception handling to improve engineering process outcomes.

We’ve developed this comprehensive guide to enable excellence across requirements management and live requirements traceability. Maturing and optimizing these practices, provides significant productivity improvements while reducing the risk of product delays, cost overruns, defects, rework, and recalls all resulting in faster time to market.

In addition, we released the first-ever Requirements Traceability Benchmark on March 24, 2022. This groundbreaking study found that higher traceability scores, a measure of live traceability, result in faster time to market and higher product quality. For instance, companies in the Traceability Score™ top quartile outperform bottom performers by 2x on the rate of verified requirements and are 2.5x faster at successfully completing testing than bottom performers. To learn more, you can download the Requirements Traceability Benchmark report here.

Visit The Essential Guide to Requirements Management and Traceability to take a deep dive into the following topics and more:

  • Best practices for writing requirements
  • Requirements traceability – and why it matters
  • Requirements gathering and management processes
  • Evaluating requirements management tools and software
  • The requirements validation and verification process
  • Meeting regulatory compliance and industry standards
  • Key product development terms and definitions

The Essential Guide to Requirements Management and Traceability
is live and can be found here.


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