Jama Software Signs Agreement With MTP to Further Its International Expansion

Agreement makes Jama available to large enterprises building complex applications in key markets in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries

Jama Software today announces its international expansion, with new market availability in South America and continued expansion across Europe. As part of the MTP partner network, Jama is officially available in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico to large enterprises building complex software applications.

MTP is a services consultancy specializing in requirements engineering, software testing and end-to-end quality assurance. Jama’s industry-leading, collaborative requirements management capabilities round out MTP’s offering on the front end of the development process, when product teams work with stakeholders across the business to define the outcome of the product and the customer problems it is designed to solve. The Jama modern product delivery solution tracks the hundreds of thousands of pieces of data, product specifications, information and decisions as they change throughout the development cycle. Companies using Jama realize significantly shorter development cycles, delivering to market as much as 40 percent faster.

Companies are increasingly seeing the need to connect their testing data with their requirements data in one place so they can confirm end-to-end traceability and analyze the impact every change can have on the scores of other people working on the application. “MTP’s expertise in testing perfectly complements Jama’s innovation in requirements management,” said Juan Manuel Ferrer, CEO of MTP Spain. “The two firms share the same fundamental beliefs about the rapidly evolving application development market, which is growing in complexity every day.”

“A tremendous amount of innovation is occurring in Europe and South America, and we’re excited to partner with MTP to deliver unique business value to its customers in telecommunications, financial services, utilities and public administration,” said Christian Prusia, VP of Worldwide Sales at Jama Software. “By combining our software and services with MTP’s expertise, together we will help companies deliver complex products to market faster.”

MTP, a privately held company headquartered in Madrid with offices in Mexico City and São Paulo, has an engineering team of more than 400.

About Jama Software

Jama Software is focused on maximizing innovation success. Numerous firsts for humanity in fields such as fuel cells, electrification, space, autonomous vehicles, surgical robotics, and more all rely on Jama Connect™ to minimize the risk of product failure, delays, cost overruns, compliance gaps, defects, and rework. Jama Connect™ uniquely creates Living Requirements™ that form the digital thread through siloed development, test and risk activities to provide end-to-end compliance, risk mitigation, and process improvement. Our rapidly growing customer base of more than 12.5 million users across 30 countries spans the automotive, medical device, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace & defense, industrial manufacturing, financial services, and insurance industries.