Jama Software Partners with ANSYS to Transform Product Development Processes with Unrivaled Impact Analysis

Jama Software, the leading product development platform provider for building complex products and integrated systems, today announced a new partnership with ANSYS to help businesses transform their product development process – by offering engineering teams unrivaled impact analysis for managing product development initiatives.

As products grow smarter and more complex, they also become more vulnerable to failure. Safety, reliability and failure mode analyses are becoming increasingly difficult and harder to manage for product design engineers. The integration of ANSYS® medini analyze, an integrated tool to implement key safety analysis methods, and the SCADE Suite®, a model-based development environment for critical embedded software, with Jama Connect will enable greater impact analysis – for engineering teams and business leaders alike. Ultimately, these integrations will deliver enhanced insights through the activation of traceable links from safety requirements to their specific properties, such as the safety integrity level (SIL/ASIL) within the development process.

“Through our partnership with ANSYS, we are excited to be able to increase the value we bring not only to our customers, but also to the entire engineering community,” said Scott Rogers, VP of Business Development, Jama Software. “Too often engineers are asked to do more with less. This partnership allows teams to get high-quality products to market faster without sacrificing safety. It also empowers businesses with a more holistic and complete view of the product development process and extended traceability through the inclusion of more engineers across more phases of the design cycle.”

“We are thrilled to partner with a forward-thinking company like Jama Software,” said Eric Bantegnie, Vice President & General Manager, ANSYS Systems Business Unit. “Providing our customers a full view of engineering tasks within the context of broader business initiatives not only helps remove the guesswork from their job, but also enables them to spend less time on manual processes and more time innovating and building groundbreaking products.”

The collaboration between ANSYS and Jama Software is designed to benefit organizations in regulated industries that include aerospace, automotive and defense. Standards and regulations that are supported with the integrations through this partnership include ISO 26262 and DO-178 and DO-254.

To provide further insight into the capabilities enabled by their collaboration, ANSYS and Jama recently hosted a joint webinar, “Seamless Interchange of Requirements with Jama Software.” The webinar, geared to product design engineers, highlights the appropriate processes and tools for safety, reliability and failure mode analyses that are an essential and fundamental requirement for meeting quality and safety standards. The webinar is available to stream on-demand here.