Need for Collaboration-based Product Development Drives Jama Software and No Magic Partnership

Jama Software today announced a partnership with No Magic, the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation and analysis services and solutions. The partnership results from the increasing demand on organizations to connect teams within an ecosystem of tools and processes specific to requirements solicitation and design.

“For product companies to succeed today they need solutions that work together and not in isolation. As systems are defined, modeled, and prototyped it’s important that gaps between tools and users don’t get in the way of progress. No Magic is at the forefront of visualization and model based systems engineering, and we are excited to be working with such a forward-thinking company,” said Jennifer Jaffe, vice president of product at Jama Software. “We will continue to grow our ecosystem to provide the best value possible for our customers as their needs and those of the market evolve.”

Beginning with a referral partnership, the companies will work with mutual customers to enhance product quality and speed of delivery through requirements and modeling collaboration. The partnership is expected to expand over time to include integrations and flows based on customer needs. Because both partners believe in open standards, such as REST API, OSLC and ReqIF, there are multiple opportunities for integrations based on customer needs. Utilizing each company’s open platforms, Jama and No Magic are collaborating with existing customers to bring teams together from concept to design.

“The plan to extend our ecosystem to include Jama Software further exemplifies our partnering strategy with best-of-breed vendors in the systems space,” said Enrique Krajmalnik, No Magic’s CTO. “Jama’s lean, web-based platform brings the next generation of requirements management to our community,” he added.

“As technical systems become more complex, tighter data integration is needed between all lifecycle aspects of a product, ranging from requirements, to system architecture, down to simulation results,” said Axel Reichwein, CEO of Koneksys, developer of next engineering data integration solutions. “A partnership between No Magic and Jama based on open standards will improve collaboration between engineers and ultimately lead to better products.”

Systems development has become increasingly complex, as underlying technology platforms have advanced exponentially over the past 10 years. These factors are compounded by increased pressure from consumers for up-to-the-minute access to new technologies, as well as broadening application of functional safety standards across industries. As a result, product companies and suppliers are seeking product development solutions that are open and that integrate well, reducing the engineering overhead of context switching and business cost of missed information or insights.

Jama’s partnership with No Magic follows the introduction of the Jama Alliance and Innovator Partner Program, which expand availability of the Jama solution and support the evolution of modern product delivery through partnerships with best-of-breed organizations, academic institutions and technology incubators.