Jama Software Joins Industry Leaders in Industrial Internet Consortium

Today, Jama Software announced its participation in the Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC), the global member-supported organization that promotes the accelerated growth of the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Jama joins a collective of companies interested in ecosystem initiatives that securely connect, control and integrate assets and systems of assets with people, processes and data using common architectures, interoperability and open standards.

Successfully keeping engineering teams on track and tuned into the latest information related to IIoT will drive efficiency and cut down risk of defects dramatically. As a participant in the IIC, Jama will work directly with members actively developing technologies and best practices to meet this challenge. The partnership will help initiate, develop and test the usefulness and viability of IIoT solutions before they are introduced to the industry.

“Aligning business requirements is part of any successful IIoT project,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium. “We’re excited to have Jama Software join the IIC and to share expertise with members of the IIC as we work to develop the next-generation of solutions for IIoT.”

“We are looking forward to being an active member of the Industrial Internet Consortium as the group seeks innovative approaches to advancing the industrial internet of things,” said Scott Roth, CEO of Jama Software. “By joining this collective organization of companies united by the same goal, Jama Software can provide a standardized platform on which companies can develop.”

As existing industry segments seek new ways to deliver software-based services via connected devices, accelerated development becomes ever more important. IoT devices’ ability to deliver customer feedback and usage data to companies quickly has allowed companies to turn customer data into good product requirements. Jama Software makes sure that companies have the right processes and systems in place to look at relative prioritization, like WSJF or sentiment scoring, when they develop connected devices. IoT development is too quick and fluid for legacy requirements management tools; Jama Software ensures best practices are followed for product requirement gathering, prioritizing and socializing.