Jama Software Introduces Functional Safety Validation Kit

Today, Jama Software announced a new functional safety validation kit for companies developing life-critical products and solutions crucial to the global economy. The validation kit will reduce the time necessary to validate Jama and define safety-critical workflows for both hosted customers as well as those deploying Jama behind a firewall.

“Jama’s regulated customers face increased pressure to prove functional safety throughout their product delivery lifecycle, including validating software tools used in development,” said Jennifer Jaffe, vice president of product at Jama Software. “This fit-for-purpose validation can be labor-intensive, time-consuming and costly. With the validation kit, we’re lifting much of this burden from product developers, lowering the risk and cost of continuous compliance.”

The validation kit is Jama’s response to growing market demand for functional safety solutions in both traditional regulated industries (medical, aerospace and defense, industrial controls) as well as emerging industries (IoT applications and automotive). The combination of documentation and services offered in the validation kit provides guided procedures for companies looking to validate Jama for their product development process. Annual subscription to the validation kit entitles clients to receive all available recertification documentation; a related defects list and workarounds for every certified release; predefined safety critical workflows and ongoing safety-related notifications; and dedicated user community access for support, Q&A, and feedback to Jama’s product team.

“Products labeled ‘safety-critical’ used to be a small niche, but today almost all devices are critical, with many requiring adherence to certification standards,” said Vance Hilderman, CEO of safety-critical consultancy AFuzion. “We need to validate and qualify not just the software we build for our clients but our development tools as well. Jama’s new validation package demonstrates we were right in recommending Jama to our clients.”

The introduction of Jama’s validation kit is one of several major announcements the company has made this year about functional safety and compliance offerings. It follows certification by internationally recognized testing body TÜV SÜD and a partnership with test automation leader TraceTronic earlier this year.