Jama Software Cited in Independent Research Firm’s Modern Traceability Report

Today, Jama Software announced that it was cited in Forrester Research, Inc.’s recent report “Use Modern Traceability to Improve Developers’ Ideas, Processes, and Software.” The report looks at how application development and delivery teams can design better quality software at a more efficient rate by using modern traceability tools and techniques.

Features like automated traceability help teams ensure they’re working with the latest requirements, which is paramount to maintaining accuracy in an Agile development process. Dynamic mapping is another aspect to modern traceability that lets teams visually track every moving piece of a complex development process and also links to other current and past projects.

Forrester’s study revealed these key findings:

  • Modern traceability underpins agile development: Like requirements management practices, traceability has an old-school reputation. However, in development environments where change is the only constant, traceability provides the visibility and insights that application development and delivery pros need to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Different levels of traceability unlock business insights… Modern traceability capabilities go beyond status and change impact analysis for development teams to provide real-time visibility into the software as it progresses from concept to deployment.
  • …And help link software concepts to customer experiences: Modern traceability capabilities combined with application analytics will allow businesses to know how important software features affect customers’ experiences.

“We believe this report validates what we’ve been working toward at Jama for many years: helping our customers build high-quality products at a faster pace,” said Robin Calhoun, product manager at Jama Software. “It’s important that product design and application development teams are able to visually represent the design process to ensure everyone is aligned, quality is maintained, compliance regulations are met, and the ripple effect of each change is understood. That’s exactly what a modern traceability tool like Jama is built for.”

“At UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, our software is considered a medical device by many regulatory bodies throughout the globe. Having the ability to automatically trace requirements through the system development life cycle is not a nice to have but paramount to our continued success and keeping our regulatory status,” said Wendy Kennedy, CTO at UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc. “Jama is the tool we chose because it allows us to do just that with ease and reliability. The automatic notification of changes in requirements has improved our efficiency and increased internal collaboration.”

The report, published on Oct. 13, 2016, is written by analysts Amanda LeClair, Christopher Mines, Diego Lo Giudice, Margo Visitacion and Amy Homan.