Jama Software Announces Partner Alliance Program

Today, Jama Software announced the Jama Alliance for technical, services, reseller and innovation partners. The alliance expands availability of the Jama solution and supports the evolution of modern product delivery through partnerships with best-of-breed organizations.

Continuous and iterative development has become increasingly essential to organizations that aim to be technology leaders. In order to compete, these companies require a connected ecosystem that removes barriers to product development and encourages innovation. Jama Alliance technical partners, together with services partners, offer a network of integrated tools and solutions that provide greater value while reducing cost and risk.

“All technology innovation is continuous now,” said Eric Nguyen, vice president of demand generation at Jama Software. “The Jama Alliance is designed to support innovation across technology developers from various origins. By making Jama available to upstarts and partners, we can help them accelerate their innovation when they find market viability.”

The company has expanded the alliance beyond business partners, recognizing that many great advancements come from academic institutions and technology incubators that are training the great innovators of tomorrow. Through the alliance’s new Innovator Partner Program, emerging technology leaders are provided with free licenses and guidance that will enable them to develop tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

“Building products that satisfy user needs is a challenge that our students will face when they graduate and go to work for the world’s leading technology companies,” said Cécile Péraire, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, a member of the Innovator Partner Program. “When they use Jama in graduate-level classes, students gain an effective platform for defining complex products while reducing documentation overhead and improving collaboration.”

In another move to broaden the availability of the Jama solution and its partners’ offerings, the company is expanding its Reseller Partner network. The network currently features partners across North America, Europe and Asia, including Deloitte Consulting and Xeausoft Limited. Resellers have the opportunity to strategically grow market share and provide localized expertise together with Jama and its partners.

The introduction of the Jama Alliance program follows several strategic announcements including appointment of CEO Scott Roth, new product releases and certification as fit-for-purpose for automotive standard ISO 26262 by internationally recognized testing body TÜV SÜD. The Jama Alliance is now open to applicants; for more information visit www.jamasoftware.com/partners.