ReqPro may be coming to an end, but your projects don’t need to die with it.

Alternatives for getting your data out of legacy tools

Eric Rickson | January 25, 2017

Product development is more complex than ever today. To maintain a competitive edge in this fast-changing environment, enterprises must work effectively and efficiently. That means adopting cutting-edge requirements management tools that facilitate smooth communication and collaboration, total visibility and real-time insight, and successful product testing and traceability.

IBM’s Rational RequisitePro requirements management solution is nearing its end of life, and therefore end of support. With the market demanding flawless products delivered at record speeds, that kind of inefficiency is something innovators can no longer afford, and simply cannot be done with a legacy tool that is not being updated or properly maintained.

Thankfully, you can turn to Jama Software for your RequisitePro replacement. Jama is the product development platform that manages complexity and creates alignment across the entire product development process. It translates unwieldy documents into a structured database of itemized requirements, connecting all of your relevant data through trace relationships. Jama, designed for purposeful collaboration, facilitating and capturing feedback, and enables faster decisions and context for requirements under review. Jama aligns everyone and everything to a common vision. It helps teams define, organize and collaborate on the objectives of end products while staying connected to overall business goals.

When the time comes to look for a RequisitePro replacement, Jama offers a complete solution for getting teams and their data switched over.

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