John Allison

Author Bio

Job Title: Federal Product Manager

    John Allison entered the US Air Force in 1991, and spent the next 24 years working primarily as an engineer and program manager across multiple Air Force acquisition programs. He was responsible for taking user generated operational requirements and delivering a product that met the requirements, while attempting to be on schedule and on budget. This involved a significant amount of requirements analysis, requirements tradeoff analysis, RFI/RFP and contract development, and contractor technical oversight. After retiring in 2015, John joined Cisco where he led their first DoD cloud collaboration effort. Today, John is at Armis Security, a leading cybersecurity startup where he leads their federal product management. John lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, son, three cats and one dog. When not working on public sector cybersecurity, John tries to convince non-traditional companies to enter into the US public sector market.