Amanda Jennewein

Author Bio

Job Title: Senior Manager, Customer Support

Company: Jama Software

I have a wealth of experience in managing vision, purpose, and strategy for highly responsive software, hardware, and product development teams across various disciplines. I enjoy tackling strategic problems and finding solutions. I aim to achieve and accomplish objectives by leveraging people's unique strengths, building connections, and collaborating to overcome challenging issues. I constantly learn and gather information from diverse sources to generate fresh ideas to implement with my teams. Here are some of my core competencies: Being action-oriented Building effective teams Communicating effectively Focusing on customers Driving vision and purpose Ensuring accountability Instilling trust Managing ambiguity and complexity Managing conflict Optimizing processes, planning Aligning According to the Strengths Finder, my top five strengths are achievement, command, strategy, ideation, and learning. My DISC management profile is Di-style with a high collaborative component.