Create a Digital Thread of Context and Accountability

In today’s race to innovate, you need the confidence to make a decision without faltering and you need to know that the people who are giving you the information have the right context.  When data exists in a silo, updated only when it’s needed and only by those who know it exists,  the resulting lack of alignment leads to increased downstream cost, technical debt and a product that doesn’t stand up in fast-paced, decisive world. 

  • Connect teams and live data to accelerate decisions
  • Drive faster time to market
  • Mitigate risk

Connect Teams and Live Data to Accelerate Decisions

Jama connects teams and data, eliminating those silos and enabling those throughout the entire product lifecycle to stay aligned as they go.  This cuts down on costly rework and defects, and helps ensure that you’re delivering what everyone in the business expects, on-time and on-budget.

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Drive Faster Time to Market

Jama organizes and contextualizes all discussions and decisions, providing transparency across the organization and driving efficiency at scale.  The decision-maker knows where action is needed, and is able to provide real-time review and approval.

Mitigate Risk

Using Jama ensures that everyone understands the impact of a change before they make it, reducing unnecessary rework and preventing introduction of defects. By connecting information and people within Jama, and having the right visibility at the right time, both your organization and your user are protected from adverse outcomes.

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Jama Integrates with the Tools Your Teams Already Use

The Tasktop Integration Hub lets you sync data between applications, including popular Agile tools.

REST API – Create custom functionality that fits your organization’s needs.

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Utilize Jama Services to Maximize and Accelerate your time to value

Jama is committed to the long-term success of each of our customers, no matter the need or the budget. Our expert consultants and Customer Care team are here to help your organization get the most out of Jama quickly and efficiently, increasing adoption and shortening your time to value.

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