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Today’s most innovative companies build using iterative and continuous development methods. To stay ahead of this fast-moving economy, everyone in the entire process needs to be connected, communicating, and functioning as an innovation ecosystem. The Jama Alliance is this ecosystem, dedicated to building a community that supports and enables the evolution of modern product development through partnerships with best-of-breed solutions and organizations with a common goal: Working together, we all win.

Jama Alliance
Technical Partnerships

Technical Partner Program

Jama partners with technical leaders around the globe to visualize and connect data across systems and tools. Together, we deliver a comprehensive platform to facilitate innovation and productivity across a multi-solution ecosystem. Jama Technical Partners receive the tools and support necessary to integrate their applications with Jama in order to provide unified workflows and full traceability, adding great value for our joint customers.

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Services Partner Program

As our customers find new ways to utilize Jama, we find new ways to get them the solutions they need. Our Services Partners extend the global reach of high-quality services through customer-specific solutions, while gaining the recognition and benefits of working with an industry leader in requirements definition and management and verification and validation, from inception to production.

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Services Partnerships
Reseller Partnerships

Reseller Partner Program

Our global Reseller Partners bring localized industry knowledge to complex product development challenges, customized by region or industry to ensure that the value and availability of Jama is obtained according to time zone and language needs. When you join forces with Jama as a Reseller Partner, together we can strategically grow market share, revenue or profitability in a way that benefits both companies.

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Innovator Partner Program

The next generation of builders in academic institutions, technology incubators and educational foundations must be free to innovate. With our Innovator Partner Program, Jama supports these emerging upstarts with resources and tools to co-create and test products and solutions while reducing new product development risks and costs. With free licenses for those organizations who qualify, plus Best Practices advising and mentoring, what great products will you build?

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Innovator Partnerships