The Jama Integration Hub


Collaborate across teams with integrated tools for better, faster product delivery. Jama seamlessly connects with the most popular developer tools to store all product information in one central repository, with real-time data sync.


The Jama Agile Workflow

The Jama Agile Workflow Design is a prescriptive services offering to guide companies as they scale Agile practices across the enterprise.



Connecting with JIRA ensures consistency of data and end-to-end traceability from requirements to defects and tasks.


Enhancing your teams’ ability to collaborate, define and prioritize definitions into agile teams working
in TFS.


Seamlessly align customer requirements through to stories and tasks in agile-focused Rally environments.


Bring together business analysts responsible for requirements with QA teams responsible for testing to ensure higher quality and traceability from start to finish.


Rally Software Integration

Jama for IBM DOORS

Import active IBM DOORS data, such as a requirements, test cases and all of the project information you care about to Jama.

Integrations Bundled with Jama

Jama includes the following integrations free with your licenses to enhance the functionality for enterprise user management, testing and custom reporting.

Microsoft Active Directory – LDAP Integration

This integration is included with your Jama licenses. Useful for large enterprise organizations that need to control how their employees access applications without requiring an additional username or password.

Eclipse BIRT – Custom Reporting Engine

BIRT is an open source business intelligence and reporting system that is integrated within Jama. With BIRT, you can produce the specific reports your organization needs or have one of Jama’s reporting specialists create custom reports for you. Contact us to learn more.

Web Services API

Want to build your own extensions with Jama?

We’ve published an extensive Web Services API. Data in, data out. Jama is open for integrations and migrations. See Jama Web Services >

Custom Integrations and Migrations

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about integrating or migrating a vendor or solution not listed above. Contact Us >

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