Three steps to creating the solution that best fits your organization.

ONE: Select the number and types of licenses you need.

Because everyone needs clarity into what your company is building and why, Jama offers three different licenses to suit the needs of different users.

  • Creator: This license is for users who create, edit, and manage the tasks and items involved in delivering projects. This includes product managers, business analysts, project/program managers, testers and developers. The Creator license provides full Jama functionality.
  • Stakeholder: This license is for users who need to monitor, clarify and make decisions, as well as keep their team aware of project changes. Stakeholders include people in developers, marketing, services, support, sales, and executive management.
  • Reviewer: This license is for users who need to formally review and sign-off on project work or chime-in on pending decisions. Reviewer license users can only reply to a conversation.


TWO: Determine whether you’d like to rent or buy.

  • Rent it. Subscription licenses grant you the use of Jama over a defined term of 12 months. At the end of the annual subscription, you may renew your licenses. You don’t renew, your use of Jama will expire.
  • Buy it. Perpetual licenses grant you lifetime use of Jama. You can renew support and maintenance on an annual basis.

THREE: Choose Jama Hosted or On-Premises.

  • Jama Hosted. Jama hosts and manages the infrastructure, allowing you to focus on building great products. You can automatically receive updates to the latest and greatest version as soon as new capabilities become available.
  • Jama On-Premises. Install Jama locally in your own environment.

If you’d like to switch between Jama Hosted and Jama On-Premises later, your data will be safe, and we will ensure you experience a smooth transition. This service is provided through our technical consultants. Contact us to discuss further.

Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance is included with all subscription licenses. For perpetual licenses, support and maintenance is a small percentage of the original license price. You may prorate costs among additional Jama licenses to enable a single renewal date across your organization. The first year of maintenance is required.

Jama’s Standard Maintenance & Support Includes:

  • Support coverage Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST), excluding major holidays
  • Telephone, email and online technical support
  • Free product upgrades and iterative releases
  • 24/7 access to our online support forum and knowledge base:

Jama also offers premium support to enterprise customers. Please contact us to learn more.

Pricing & Licensing FAQ

Do you offer integrations with Jama? How much do they cost?

Yes. Jama is built on open standards and offers seamless integrations with popular 3rd-party solutions. Integrations priced separately; contact sales for more information.

Is Jama scalable for enterprise deployments?

Yes. Jama is an enterprise solution designed to support the demands of the largest global organizations. It can easily scale to thousands of users and geographically distributed teams.

Do you offer volume discounts on Jama licenses?

Yes. Volume discounts are available; contact us for details. Request a Quote >

Do you offer special discounts to universities, students and nonprofits?

Yes. If your organization’s purpose is to educate students or make the world a better place, we want to help you achieve that. Jama offers qualified organizations a 20% discount. Proof of status is required. Request a Quote >

If we decide to rent Jama initially, can we switch to buy it later?

Yes. You can switch from subscription to perpetual at any time. Any unused portion of your subscription licenses will credit 100% towards your purchase; contact us to discuss.

Is maintenance and support required?

Yes. Maintenance is required for the first year. For perpetual licenses, it is a small percentage of the original license price. Maintenance is built into the subscription license cost. Maintenance is then renewed annually thereafter for all licenses purchased. Visit Support to see what’s all included in your annual maintenance and support plan.

Can we renew an expired maintenance plan?

Yes. You can renew an expired maintenance plan, Contact us for details.

Request a Quote

In addition to your Jama licenses, we offer a range of professional services, training and support to customize Jama to fit your process and ensure your success. Our team is happy to put together a quote for your organization.

Call us at 1.800.679.3058 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon. If you’re in Europe or Asia, contact our Global Alliance Partners.

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