Improve Your Requirements: Upcoming Jama Webinars

Ashley Lund | July 25, 2013

Each month, Jama hosts a variety of educational webinars to help you stay current on all the latest trends, tools and best practices for product delivery and requirements management. We also invite your questions and comments for Q&A at the end of each event. Each live webinar lasts about one hour.

Check out some of our upcoming webinars:

  • Ensuring Mission Delivery for Government Projects – July 31
    Government IT projects are often challenged by frequent delays and don’t readily accommodate ever-changing requirements. Learn four best practices to help execute effective government IT projects. Read More & Register Now >

  • Learn 4 Best Practices for Continuous Quality with Jama – Aug 7
    There’s no replacement for a great project manager, but the right tools can make life easier. You’ll learn tips to eliminate out-of-date specs, communication issues when changes occur and gaps in test plans. Read More & Register Now >

  • Improving Agile Methodology through Social Collaboration – Aug 29
    Save time and work more efficiently. We’ll examine how the Business Analysts and their teams can apply social collaboration tools to the requirements lifecycle and build better products more efficiently and at lower cost. Read More & Register Now >

  • Wiegers Webinar: Requirements Reuse – Fantasy or Feasible? – Sept 18
    Join Jama and guest presenter Karl Wiegers as we discuss different kinds of requirements reuse and recommendations on how to use requirements reuse to speed business innovation, reduce risk and control costs. Read More & Register Now >

We are always adding more webinars and have some great topic coming up this fall so please check back on our webinars page to stay in the loop.

Interested in a topic we’re not covering right now? Email your wishlist to

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