Videos: Getting started with your trial

Welcome to Jama

Watch this quick video for a high-level overview of how you can use Jama to deliver better products.

What are Items?

The building blocks of Jama projects are called items. Each item represents one type of project artifact, like a test case, use case or requirement. Learn more about items in this quick video.

Add & Edit

Ready to try Jama? Watch this 30-second video to learn how to add new items, and to make and compare changes.


With Jama, you can invite anyone to be part of the conversation about your projects. This video quickly addresses conversations and notifications.


Jump right into Jama by clicking on an active review. This video introduces the Review Center, where you can capture feedback from customers and stakeholders, including voting for priority and electronic signatures for formal approval.


Track relationships across multiple projects to see the full impact and reach of information across the organization.