Balancing Compliance & Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

About this Webinar

Medical device companies are on the cutting-edge of advancing health care. Along with facing relentless pressures to innovate and release quality products, they also must meet compliance standards ahead of their competition.

In this webinar — specifically designed for product and engineering teams building medical devices — you’ll learn how to move beyond the frustrations of document-based requirement systems and the added overhead of regulatory requirements to streamline your development and set yourself apart from the competition. Our experts will cover how you can:

  1. Bring systems thinking into design control activities using Jama Connect
  2. Align how you work with the development of the artifacts needed for compliance and the Design History File (DHF)
  3. Develop products through the lens of traceability
  4. Use Jama Connect to align your development process with relevant parts of governing regulations ISO 13485:2016 & 21 CFR 820.30

Thank you!