Advance work in progress with ease and confidence. Pivotal Tracker allows you to limit distractions by making sure your team is doing the right amount of work. It also helps you understand the value of each sprint by measuring and comparing what’s been delivered.

Connecting With Pivotal Tracker

Use this integration to access dozens of performance metrics and consolidate a view across your projects.

  • Cycle Time by Story Type enables you to improve your estimations by tracking changes from one sprint to next.
  • Iteration Flow lets you identify blockers in your development process by visualizing your ticket flow.
  • Backlog Burn Rate gives you the ability to update your roadmap faster than your engineering team’s output.

Additional Metrics Include

  • Bug Cycle Time
  • Bug Reaction Time
  • Chore Lead Time
  • Story Reaction Time
  • Total Chore Count
  • Total Points Not Started
  • Cycle Times by Story Status
  • Velocity, Chore Reaction Time
  • Feature Cycle Time
  • Feature Reaction Time
  • Stories in Testing
  • Story Lead Time
  • Total Bug Count
  • Delivered Story Churn
  • Feature Lead Time
  • QA Review Time
  • Total Feature Count
  • Work in Progress
  • Bug Lead Time
  • Chore Cycle Time

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