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Your internal customers demand business platforms that perform at the same level as the customer-facing applications you’re also asked to build. If you’re like many in enterprise IT, you struggle to bring together antiquated processes and new technologies, making it difficult to meet customer expectations and fast-evolving demands.

Maintaining legacy systems which serve critical applications, while allowing for innovation to drive speed, requires multimodal development — flexible tools and approaches to maintain stability as you explore future opportunities. To execute, IT teams need a collaborative, easy-to-adopt, integrated platform.

How Jama Software helps transform your development process:

  • Supports multiple development methods, integrates with ALM, DevOps and test suites (off-the-shelf integration solutions and an open REST API), and enforces process workflow
  • Seamlessly delivers and enforces a multimodal development process so you can determine the right method, tools, and workflow for programs in your portfolio
  • Drives efficiency through structured collaboration, better insights, and increased accuracy — independent of business or consumer application

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