The new Tasktop Integration Hub (TIH) is built to perform at enterprise scale, and designed to make integration setup intuitive, easily repeatable, and manageable over time as your teams’ data volume and complexity grows. This is the next generation of the Jama Integration Hub, powered by Tasktop.

If you’re new to Jama and integrations, contact our sales team to learn more.

If you’re an existing Jama and integrations user, please contact your customer success manager to learn more about taking advantage of the new TIH.

Installations & Upgrades

Before installing, please review the release notes and supported software and system requirements.

If you are installing the Tasktop Integration Hub for the first time, please contact your Account Owner for more information.

Important Upgrade Note: If you are using Jama on-premises 8.12 – 8.14, please update to 8.14.1 or later before taking this update to ensure API compatibility.


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