A new deployment model of Jama On-Premises is available. Please visit http://www.jamasoftware.com/upgrade/ to upgrade to Jama 8.10.

Version: 2015.5

Jama User Guide
Installation Guide
Supported Software Guide
Release Notes

Jama Software Support

United States
Toll-free: 1-800-679-3058
Direct: 503-922-1058

United Kingdom
Direct: 00-800-7000-4004
Germany and Sweden
Direct: 00-800-7000-4004
Direct: 990-800-7000-4004

Installations & Upgrades

Before installing, please review the release notes and supported software guide.


Please fill out the form to access the newest version.

The download contains the Jama application folder. You’ll need an application server, such as Apache Tomcat, along with a supported database already installed and configured. If you need help with this process, please contact Jama Support to ensure a successful upgrade.

Please note that full support for 2015.5 transitions to best effort support January 31st, 2017. Click here for more details about our new deployment model, Jama 8.

Attention BIRT reporting users: Starting with the release of 2015.1, Jama uses an updated version of BIRT (4.4.2). You will need to update your BIRT reports to work with this version. For more information on the steps to update your reports please visit our user community.

Upgrade Tip:

Jama indexes data to improve performance. Before upgrading, it’s recommended you delete the entire “Search” directory within your existing Jama home directory. This should be done while the Jama application server (e.g. Tomcat) is shut down. This will ensure a clean new index during startup.

Would you prefer to have Jama host for you?

No problem, please contact us about switching you over to a privately hosted, secure Jama Cloud account, and we’ll do all the set-up and configuration for you.