Jama Software Releases Public REST API

Company supporting developer community with modern, standards-based api for customizing functionality of popular product development solution

Today, Jama Software announced the availability of a RESTful API. The modern, standards-based, easy-to-use API makes it easy for Jama customers and developers to customize extensions to the Jama platform.

Traditionally, systems engineers and business analysts have struggled to coordinate stakeholder input and engineering responses for product definition in one system, as well as manage all the moving parts, changes and impacts as development progress through define, build and test phases. Jama solves this problem with an actionable system of record that gives everyone real-time visibility into the items they are most interested in (a promised feature request from a customer, for example). The Jama platform is inherently configurable; the company’s Integration Hub, powered by Tasktop, makes it easy to integrate with other best-of-breed developer and testing tools, including JIRA, Rally and HPQC.  With the REST API, Jama offers another way to customize and extend Jama’s capabilities with desired functionality.

Since the closed beta opened one year ago, developers have built apps for activities ranging from direct import into the Jama collaboration stream from Twitter to customized traceability reports for regulatory compliance standards. With the public availability of the API, Jama anticipates rapid engagement across its customer and developer community for apps that address enterprise-specific customization. To fully support developers’ efforts, the company also launched an updated portal for product documentation and release notes (dev.jamasoftware.com).

“We wanted our developers to have the elegant experience offered by the leading technology companies and consumer apps,” said Steve Gotsch, Product Manager for Jama. “Hence, the Jama API is more Facebook and less IBM. This will be a welcome platform for our developer community, many of whom are working in antiquated systems and seek more modern alternatives for their day-to-day work in progress.”

About Jama Software

Jama Software provides the leading platform for requirements, risk, and test management. With Jama Connect and industry-focused services, teams building complex products, systems, and software improve cycle times, increase quality, reduce rework, and minimize effort proving compliance. Jama’s growing customer base of more than 600 organizations includes companies representing the forefront of modern development in areas such as automotive, medical devices, financial services, industrial manufacturing, and aerospace.