VP of People

Laura Stepp

Laura leads the people strategy that helps Jama consistently deliver on its strategic plans while also helping leadership deliver on the promise of a great work experience for all employees. In service to this mission she and her team focus on leadership alignment, hiring, rewarding and retaining diverse talent, developing exceptional managers and strong teams at Jama. Laura has over 20 years of experience in organization development and human resources. She most recently worked at Puppet, Inc. scaling that organization from 100 to 500. Prior to Puppet, Laura grew her expertise at Intel supporting their global product development, software and IT organizations, and also worked at Nike and Mentor Graphics.

"People spend most of their lives at work, and I cannot imagine a more fulfilling role than helping to make that experience both fun and meaningful. If my team succeeds at this mission, our employees will be energized to deliver unmatched innovation and must-have solutions for our customers. It’s a true win-win!"