VP of Engineering

John Gasper

John leads product engineering at Jama. With a passion for customer success, John leverages more than 25 years of experience building state-of-the-art software solutions in Silicon Valley, Reno, and Portland. Most recently, he was Vice President of Engineering at Skyward IO, creating applications for commercial drone operators. His career has spanned a variety of industries including financial services, payroll, taxation, and healthcare, at companies both large and small, including PeopleSoft, Intuit, ADP, Serena Software, and Thomson Reuters. John also serves as co-chair of the Technology Association of Oregon’s Development and Engineering Community.

"As connectivity spreads, product complexity is increasing. At the same time, development cycles are shrinking. Like our customers, I feel these pressures every day. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we empower their success in building world-class products."