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Ridesharing Takes to the Skies

Pathfinder-1 satellite launch“Think Uber for rockets.” When the New York Times profiled Seattle’s best and brightest space start-ups earlier this year, that’s how it summarized Spaceflight Industries’ satellite rideshare program.

While Uber is changing how we get around on earth, Spaceflight is helping to open access to space for more organizations and applications.

Spaceflight was founded in 2010 to provide cost-effective commercial satellite rideshares and solve a staggering problem with space access: Extremely high costs deny or delay access to space for 99 percent of the organizations that need it.

The company works with launch vehicle providers to offer cubesats, microsats, telecommunications satellites (and everything in between). Through its global network, Spaceflight is able to meet the varying needs of companies looking to launch satellites into space and leverage information from existing satellites.

 Just this week, Spaceflight’s subsidiary, BlackSky Global, successfully launched its Pathfinder-1 satellite by way of India’s Satish Dhawan Space Center.

The 110-pound satellite will provide near real-time images, helping NGOs, farmers and disaster recovery organizations better track what’s happening on earth. Pathfinder II is slated to launch on the SpaceX Falcon 9 in the coming months. 

We’re proud to have Spaceflight as a customer and congratulate its teams on the successful launch of Pathfinder 1. We look forward to watching the development of its business within the emerging new space economy.

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