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Why Try a Demo? Let Us Count the Ways

Until this world is populated only by robots and not humans, product delivery problems will not be solved with development tools alone.

Companies that build new products do the sensible thing and organize their very smart and capable people by professional skills and talents, but as companies grow so does the “silo effect,” isolating valuable expertise and insights, constricting communication, delaying decisions, increasing complications, and severely reducing the awareness and ownership of common goals between departments.

Even just one of these problems left unchecked builds inefficiency into your procedures, wasting time and money, and putting your product’s profitability at risk.

While each team has its own goals to meet, you need every contributor, stakeholder and decision maker collaborating together in real-time throughout the process to capitalize on your most important resource—your people.

We know just how critical this is because we eat our own cooking. We use Jama to define, build, test and launch Jama, and just as we configure it to the way our teams need to work, we configure Jama’s product and services for the way your teams need to work.

The best way to see how is to experience it for yourself. Sign up for a free demo today.

Who should attend: People who work in the product delivery stream from define through build, test and launch.

How to prepare: Prior to walking you through your one-hour demo, we’ll contact you to schedule a time that works for you, and to get some background information on the problems you’re seeking to solve. Bring any questions you have about traceability, integrations, requirements and test management, and product management, and we’ll tailor the demo to your specific needs.