Best Practices

The Agile, Customer-focused Organization: How to Evolve

In my work with clients, many things vary from company to company, but one thing that is consistent across all of them is the desire to work better and more efficiently. Next week I’ll be facilitating a webinar in partnership with Forrester that will discuss just how to do that. The Agile, Customer-focused Organization: How to Evolve will feature Kurt Bittner from Forrester kicking off the webinar to discuss best practices around transforming to a lean organization. Kurt will cover ideation process, teaming structures, and skill alignment. He’s got some great ideas and perspectives that challenge the status quo of how organizations traditionally operate.


I’ll follow-up Kurt’s presentation with a client story about a large complex system that recently underwent a critical architecture shift from an on–premises, monolithic system to a leaner service–oriented architecture. In addition to changing the product architecture, the organization was implementing Agile methodologies and teaming structures. This architecture & methodology shift has many benefits – it lowers the risk involved with big releases, allows teams to deliver value to customers more frequently, and enables their solution to be delivered in the cloud rather than heavy servers at each customer site. But any change this big is hard. I’ll talk about some of the challenges this organization faced and how Jama was able to help. I hope you can join us.