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Top-Down or Bottom-Up: How the C-Suite Can Help Big Problems Get Solved

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“In examining hundreds of executive profiles developed over the past decade or so…we have seen some clear signals about how C-level jobs are evolving. One strikingly consistent finding: Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Chief information officers need to know how to create business models… In other words, the skills that help you climb to the top won’t suffice once you get there.”
Harvard Business Review, “The New Path To the C-Suite”

Modern executives have a very modern challenge on their hands: The troops can’t wait for the generals to tell them what to do anymore. It’s not that they’re impatient, it’s that they’re empowered. It’s not that rank and rules aren’t respected, it’s that the company can’t afford to put its business plan at risk.

When a problem presents itself in the midst of product development, each individual on every team knows that halting production to track down decisions through emails, meetings, phone calls in different time zones, and happenstance hallway chats costs workers time and the company money. And to bring issues forth for investigation, discuss approaches, and arrive at the right decisions, product management software and tools must be able to capitalize on collective intelligence.

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A swarm of smart, sharp people have the potential to spot, isolate and resolve a problem much faster than any one person possibly can. But in order to achieve this efficiency, you need a tool that facilitates and elevates critical discussions and decisions as they happen. One more quote from the HBR article articulates why this matters so much:

“I have my people work as extended business partners with the other business units as part of cross-functional teams. Supply-chain leaders should be thinking about the whole enterprise rather than ‘It’s not my function.’ The goal is to influence a broader discussion instead of a myopic silo perspective.”—chief procurement officer, global airline

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