Innovation Trends

The Changing Face of Agile

As I prepare for my upcoming webinar tomorrow on improving agile with BA Times, I came across this excellent research report from Forrester Analyst Kurt Bittner on “Continuous Delivery and the Future of ALM.” My webinar focuses on how collaboration and the concepts of “social” can, and will, transform how you do Agile and ties in nicely to the developments Kurt outlines.

The analyst describes how companies are working faster and are innovating through a “constant stream of capabilities, and feedback flows back to drive decisions in real time.” He goes on to describe how there is a need to break the “logjam,” which is caused by development, operations, business sponsors and QA not working together in a continuous stream. These logjams are created by strict handoffs to specialized teams. For Kurt the new model is “..based on an adaptive, goal-directed model; the business sets the designation and the delivery team adaptively steers toward the goal. Even then, there is far more collaboration to determine the shape of the solution than before,” and that “…relationship between business leaders, development, and operations is giving way to a dynamic collaboration that results in rapid cycles of innovation.”

Finally he goes on to state the “Centers of excellence (COEs) will evolve into communities of practice (COPs)” which tap into the abilities of social business software to connect not only people but ideas and knowledge. The COP model, coupled with broader professional social networks, will fill this gap.” All of this rolls up to sharing and connecting knowledge in the form of conversations and decisions. The ability to be more innovative and faster at the same time is tightly coupled with emerging social tools designed for product teams across the entire Product Delivery life cycle.

I’ll touch on many of these themes in my webinar, with the emphasis being on how collaboration and social workflows are driving transformations across Agile teams. I look forward to having you join!