Breakthrough Insights

Takeaways from our Test Management Webinar

This week we hosted a webinar, “Techniques for Superior Test Management,” in partnership with Cornell University’s Kenton Hensley. Kenton has been working in IT projects for 25 years and has worked with Jama through the Kuali Coeus project, a coalition of higher education institutions with a mission to design and build open-source software systems to serve all universities and colleges.

The challenge faced by the Kuali Coeus project included a daunting number of requirements and testing challenges. Prior to implementing Jama, the group managed more than 7,000 requirements in the project with Word documents. In addition to requirements management, each requirement averaged three test-case scenarios; as Kenton described, this was a complex project to manage across multiple universities and participants. He also noted that the testing environment was further complicated by the limited time testers had to devote to testing. The Jama Coverage Explorer helped identify gaps in testing and better understand failing test cases. His team also made use of Jama’s Enterprise Reusecapabilities, which helped to organize test uses and streamline the process.

Questions from webinar attendees highlighted two major pain points of collaborative projects:

  • the relationship between the business and technical teams
  • complications caused by using multiple tools

Jama alleviates many of the issues face by teams using multiple tools, including a collaboration stream and notifications that flag downstream impacts of any requirement changes. Kenton recommended the Checklist Manifesto to fellow business analysts charged with managing requirements, and likened his experience using Jama to implementing a dynamic, collaborative checklist.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here and learn more about the Jama Produce Delivery Platform.