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Tasktop 3.6 and Jama

Today, Tasktop announced Tasktop Sync 3.6 to support “the intricate requirements management needs of embedded software development.” We are thrilled that the latest version includes support for Jama. Organizations using Tasktop integration platforms can use Jama to define their requirements, which will be synchronized in real-time across the leading Agile development tools Tasktop already supports to seamlessly exchange data and maintain trace relationships across requirements.

Tasktop CEO Mik Kersten refers to this automated end-to-end traceability as the “Holy Grail” for systems engineering, and I tend to agree. As products increase in complexity, with multiple teams using different processes to develop software plus hardware, connecting data across tools is critical. I am also heartened to see validation of our core belief at Jama that connecting people, via collaborative tools and communications platforms, is essential to efficient—and speedy—product delivery.

Tasktop is best of breed for integrations and we are happy to be a part of its robust ecosystem.

Read the Tasktop press release or the blog post.