The State of Modern Product Delivery

John Simpson | February 6, 2014


We’re in an unprecedented era of disruption. Nearly every industry is feeling the impact of the global market and pressure to bring innovative products to market faster. Drivers for acceleration include the need to reduce costs, improve quality, and meet the escalating expectations of customers. At Jama, we work with some of the biggest innovators in the world who are thriving in product delivery. Whereas you might think “bringing a product to market is part of application lifecycle management,” owned solely by teams under the umbrellas of product development, software development and, more specifically, as requirements management or quality assurance. We believe bringing products to market is a strategic business problem, one that offers organizations the opportunity to optimize their processes. What we call modern product delivery encompasses the entire process of creating a product, from concept to launch.

We partnered with Forrester Consulting to take the pulse of the market, talking to the executives of large companies, to assess and quantify the market forces of disruption. They revealed the pressures to get to market faster while maintaining quality and satisfying customer needs. The big question facing industry leaders: how do we get better at this business process? I encourage you to tune in to hear Eric Winquist, Jama’s CEO, discuss the biggest challenges, trends and strategies for how your organization can overcome today’s challenges. Some of the findings might surprise you. Are you on top of the latest trends?

Watch this recorded webinar with guest presenter Forrester Analyst Kurt Bittner and download the comprehensive report from Forrester Consulting: “The State of Modern Product Delivery” now and receive our exclusive infographic connecting the survey data behind the report following the webinar.