Requirements Management

SpaceX Keeps Track of Thousands of Requirements With Jama

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has emerged as one of the fastest growing aerospace companies in the world working toward Elon Musk’s vision to revolutionize space travel. SpaceX has made headlines recently for a series of historic missions, carrying cargo aboard its Falcon rocket to the International Space Station.

With 2,000 employees and hundreds of millions in contracts from customers such as NASA, SES, and Iridium, you can imagine the millions of requirements they are tracking. Launching spacecraft and satellites into space are highly complicated endeavors.

Jama helped SpaceX keep track of those thousands of requirements by providing a platform for greater visibility and collaboration with it’s team and customers. Jama also helped improve change management as well as automate processes and reduce repetition.

Using Jama, learn how SpaceX:

  • Reduced meeting times, simplifying cumbersome specification docs, and improved overall communication to ensure all requirements were accounted for accurately.
  • Provided a method for traceability from requirements to derived requirements to verification events.
  • Improved customer relations with share project visibility and enhanced communications using Review Center.
  • Accounted for contract milestones and ensured timely payments.
  • Eliminated re-work in order to meet aggressive schedules with requirements reuse.

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