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Just Launched: Public Reviews that Respect User Permissions

In the September, 2014 Jama release, we added a new “Public Reviews” feature, and now we’ve added even more controls. The Review Center’s integrated collaboration helps you define and evolve development work while you’re working on it, ensuring that you share these conversations with the right people at the right time. For example, early in a review stage, people may not know who will be on the build team later on, or the team roster might change midway through a project. The Public Reviews feature addresses this challenge and allows moderators to share reviews with everyone who has access to Jama, at the time they need this information.

In this release of the Public Reviews feature, we have added finer control of user permissions. Public Review access can now be limited to users with permissions to all of the review’s source items.

Review Admins set up public reviews. They can confirm who will have access to the review by reading the description in the “Make This Public” setting under Permissions Options.

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