Breakthrough Insights

New In Jama: Get Productive Faster

We’re excited to announce new features, and enhancements to existing features, in the latest release of Jama that will help you get to smart decisions faster. We’ve added capabilities that help you get your day off to a productive start and quickly find and prioritize information.

Get to productivity faster with the new Home Page

One of the first things you’ll notice when you log in to Jama is the new home icon that leads to an improved home page that acts as your personal Jama launch pad.

In this new view you can:

  • Quickly navigate to your most recently viewed projects
  • View your active reviews you’re a part of, or start a new review
  • Scan activity in the Stream including questions directed to you, actions, and decisions needed

This new view will give you a great place to start a productive day. And, if you’re bringing on new team members it will be easy to get them oriented to Jama and working in the system.

Calculated fields enable better prioritization
If you have a long list of backlogged items you’re going to love Jama’s new calculated fields, one of our most requested capabilities. One of the most useful things you can do with this new feature is assign values to each item item in your backlog to determine their relative priority, making it easier to decide what to focus on next.

You can also create a custom field that calculates numbers in other fields, including sum, average and multiplication.

There are lots of other use cases for these fields for all sorts of projects. We’ll have a more detailed review of calculated fields with example uses cases in our next post.

Additional filters for more efficient search

Enhanced capabilities in our faceted search make it even easier to quickly get to the information you need. In previous releases we enabled search by time and item type, and with this release we’ve added the ability to search by author and keyword.