Breakthrough Insights

New in Jama: Find and Prioritize your Data

Today we’re introducing this latest release of Jama, building on the capabilities that help you filter through the noise of busy projects, find important information quickly, and prioritize your team’s work.

Enhanced home page

The new Jama home page, released last month, is now your default launch pad. This page gets you started with action items specific to your work, giving you a quick view to stream conversations, reviews that need attention, and comments on all of your active projects.

Weighted shortest job first (WSJF) calculation

Building on the calculated fields we released last month, we’ve enabled weighted shortest job first calculations, or WSJF. This calculation will allow you to combine multiple factors of value to help make more informed decisions around prioritization of your backlog. The calculation weighs items with a higher value and lower effort as the thing to work on next.

The new Jama Support Community

You may have heard that last week we launched our new Jama Support Community! There are dozens of active conversations happening right now among people who are just getting started with Jama as well as seasoned-users offering their best practices and insights. The community is open to everyone so register and join in. Our longtime support staffer, Kristina King, will be happy to welcome you.