Breakthrough Insights

Webinar: Modernize and Streamline Your Requirements Traceability Practices

The purpose of requirements traceability may seem pretty straightforward, but it concerns much more than controlling change and tracking test coverage in spreadsheets. For example:

  • What if you could use requirements traceability to connect data with people, ensuring you were having the right conversations with the right people, rather than wasting time trying to identify and track down who needs to know what?
  • What if you could immediately know the impact of your decisions so you could prioritize and keep your work tightly connected to the core business value you need to deliver?

Innovative product development teams are using modern traceability practices with Jama to streamline communication and improve organizational alignment to develop products with fewer challenges along the way.

Laura WardIf you missed the live webinar watch the recorded version with Customer Success Manager Laura Ward. She offers an in-depth and informative talk on Jama’s approach to modern traceability. This is more than pushing your requirements management documents and trace matrices to a web-based application. This is using a system of action that supports better product development practices within your team.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to simplify the complexities of not just requirements management but also the communication with the people and teams involved
  • How to connect files, documents and other data to the people in your project to reduce information loss
  • How to better manage and capture the many decisions required in complex product development to save time and ensure quality