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Innovating in the Name of National Security

Customer Spotlight: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The technology to see through concrete walls, transmit massive amounts of data from Earth to the Moon at high speeds, and the origins of the Internet can be found on the 75 acres of the Lincoln Laboratory complex at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For over 60 years, the MIT Lincoln Lab has conducted research and development furthering national security efforts. This team knows innovation – in 2014 alone, R&D Magazine recognized six technologies developed by the Lincoln Laboratory in its R&D 100 Awards.

Haystack Ultrawideband Satellite Imaging Radar

A Jama customer since 2011, the team at Lincoln Lab did a thorough search of requirements tools before selecting Jama. Ease of use was a major driver in that decision, says researcher Rob Seater. “For our purposes (prototyping complex systems), we wanted a single place to organize requirements with just enough structure to keep them organized.  Jama doesn’t require me to learn [a lot of] features just to do something simple.”

Jama’s integration with JIRA has also proven incredibly valuable to the team. “We track all our software progress in JIRA, but that’s not a good place to track requirements,” says Rob. “Keeping requirements manually synchronized between two systems is a chore that quickly leads to the requirements falling out of sync with the system under development. The reality of our projects is that requirements shift as we build the system and learn more, so we have to have a systematic way to keep them in sync.”

Jama helps Lincoln Lab stay on track with its requirements, being lightweight enough to keep pace with rapid-prototyping work while maintaining the hierarchy and structure of data. By managing this critical element to its work, the team can focus on its mission of developing cutting-edge national security technology.