Learn test management in 10 minutes

Emily Down | September 23, 2011

To create a seamless interaction between your planning and quality assurance teams, requirements management and test management naturally go hand-in-hand. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll focus on the topic of test management and provide you several resources to help you execute projects with higher confidence and higher quality.

What is test management and why is it important?

Test management is a discipline for quality assurance (QA). Test cases are created during the planning phase to ensure that any requirements or defects that are added to the scope of your projects get properly tested. A test plan is a group of test cases to be executed for a specific project or release. Through traceability, you can create relationships between test cases, requirements, defects and other items to ensure you have 100% test coverage, meaning you’ve left no stones unturned and your team is confident that everything has been tested before releasing the product. During a test cycle, which is the process of executing your test plan, if a defect is found, then it can be logged and linked to that specific requirement and test case to be verified, and retested until it’s fixed.

What are the key benefits of test management?

  • Reduce defects by capturing issues earlier in the planning process
  • Understand the impact changes in requirements have on QA by creating relationships through traceability
  • Ensure full coverage of requirements by your test cases and test plans, so everything is properly tested
  • Keep your planning and QA teams in sync throughout the process with open and ongoing collaboration

6 Steps to ensure requirements are fully tested using Jama.

In Jama version 3.1, we added test management capabilities to validate what you’re building is correct. Here are 6 steps we recommend you try within Jama to improve your QA process:

  1. Add test cases
  2. Build a test plan
  3. Create test cycles
  4. Run assigned tests
  5. Log defects
  6. Review progress

Let us know what you think or if you need help along the way. We’re always interested in your feedback.

“Jama is critical to the success of our projects. Now with test management integrated into Jama, my team has greater visibility across requirements and test cases, so we can consistently deliver quality with every release.”

– Tim Hollosy, Chief Technical Architect at Kunz, Leigh and Associates