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Jama Tips of the Month: August

The Jama Tips of the Week are now housed over on the new Jama Support Forum. Same great content, same informative videos… just a new home. We’ll provide a roundup of the monthly hits here to keep you in the loop, but please pop on over to the forums for timely updates and more good stuff.

The most popular videos from August:

Unique Identifiers
Want to improve organization and help you easily locate information? Check this tip out to learn the best unique identifier for your organization.

Updating Identifiers and Keys
Need to learn how to update and modify key identifiers? This tip shows you how modifying the structure of item attributes can be helpful in the long term configuration of your Jama instance.

Sync and Suspect Fields Configured
Suspect flags for items and syncing have some slightly hidden configuration options. Watch this tip to learn how to use these top priority features to make life easier.

Ability to Unlock Items Across the Organization
As an administrator, there is a sneaky way you are able to unlock any item across the organization. Check out this tip to learn the secret!