Jama Joins PDX Selenium to Discuss QA Testing

Madeline Wigen Kernan | October 22, 2013

Photo-10_18_13,-11.16.49-AM-13Last week, Jama developer Sean Adkinson spoke to the PDX Selenium & Test Automation Users Group about how Jama tests AJAX web applications using Selenium WebDriver. Jama’s massive, single-page web app features over 200,000 lines of javascript, which makes thorough testing a challenge. Through some learned techniques and strategies of our own and fine tuning of processes, we’ve found a lot of success in using WebDriver for testing, which makes direct calls to the browser to drive actions the same way a user would.Photo-10_18_13,-11.16.49-AM-25Sean used an example of the Meetup.com RSVP list to demo how the testing method works, while highlighting some of the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them. He also reminded the crowd that inevitably, each user will encounter their own issues and debugging can be painful.Photo-10_18_13,-11.16.49-AM-52The night closed with an engaging question and answer discussion and the ultimate parting wisdom: don’t write code today that you can’t test and debug tomorrow.

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