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Jama Software CEO Scott Roth Named an Executive of the Year

Late last year, Jama Software was named a top workplace in our region. Among the reasons Jama earned that distinction was employees saying they enjoyed the company culture. And, as with most businesses, the reasons for those positive feelings start at the top of our organization.

At Jama, we know our CEO, Scott Roth, does a lot to help drive that spirit of goodwill, and now it looks like others are beginning to take note as well.

Thanks to some big undertakings in 2018, Scott was just named an Executive of the Year by the Portland Business Journal.

Among its reasons for recognizing Scott, the Portland Business Journal cited some of Jama’s major moves from the past year:

We couldn’t be more humbled to help Scott celebrate the recognition from the Portland Business Journal. He is committed to creating an atmosphere of transparency and respect at Jama that our staff values and looks forward to participating in every day. That transparency reveals itself in many ways, from offices with open-door policies to weekly updates on business performance and all-staff Q&A sessions that coincide with big business announcements like the ones called out by the Portland Business Journal.

The trust built from the transparency at Jama is also felt in Scott’s commitment to creating a high-growth software company right here in Portland. For the tech community to survive and thrive in the Silicon Forest, Scott believes it’s not enough to fortify our company with fantastic talent. We also have a responsibility to grow the overall ecosystem in Portland.

And that’s one of the reasons we agree with Eric Rosenfeld, partner at Oregon Venture Fund — an early investor in Jama — who was quoted by the Portland Business Journal as saying, in essence, that we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

“The Insight Ventures relationship positions the company to stay independent and grow locally for at least five more years, and perhaps even make a few more acquisitions along the way to accelerate growth. All very exciting for Portland and Oregon,” Rosenfeld told the Portland Business Journal.

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