How do savvy teams deliver successful projects? [Infographic]

Emily Down | February 14, 2011

I’m continually amazed by human ingenuity. Each year, teams innovate projects and change the ways we interact with each other and with our stuff (technology, products, software. The list goes on). As important as it is to innovate, it’s tough. Make a quick Google search of “innovation,” and you’ll see about 165,000,000 articles, blog posts and arguments for innovation.

At the beginning of the year, we co-sponsored an industry survey of the challenges & trends in project management for 2011. We took the results from the survey and created an infographic highlighting the themes and processes that today’s teams use to innovate. So what are teams doing to manage their big, hairy projects and tame the scope monster? Check out the chart in full:


For more information about the State of Requirements survey or to download the full report, click here.

UPDATE (Febraury 23, 5:52 pm): Follow as the scope monster makes his way through the Internet. Read about Big Hairy Projects on We Love Datavis,, UrbanCartography, Philippe Back and Better Projects.