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Growing Pains

Change is constant. Change is good.

We’ve added 40 new Jamians to the fold so far this year, we have five more starting before the end of the month and it doesn’t look like our recruiter Sara is anywhere close to slowing down. All of this growth means that our 12,000 square foot building in the Pearl District is close to bursting. (Nothing says “welcome to the team, we’re a successful software company” like having your desk crammed into a corner with four other developers, right?). Enter JamaSouth: 10,000 square feet of former design space located eight blocks south of our current office. Not only does it fulfill our workspace needs, but it also comes with an awesome event space, so we can continue to host local tech industry events, monthly department-sponsored happy hours and gatherings with Jama kids and significant others. In an ideal world we would have moved the whole team into a new space together, but we seem to be growing faster than our realtors can manage to find the optimal space and while I’m no business major, leasing an annex space seemed like a better business decision than to stop growing our staff and company.

We’re a close-knit group here at Jama Nation, so once we found our new space we set our minds to helping our teams stay connected during co-location. Engineering and Product have moved to JamaSouth while Marketing, Sales, Operations and Services stayed at Jama HQ. Conveniently, we were already armed with our own tool, which keeps our cross-functional teams aligned like a dream. We also bought a small fleet of bikes (we are in Portland after all), a gaggle of branded umbrellas (our Oregon natives won’t touch them, but the transplants sure appreciate them as we head into the rainy season) and installed telecommuting portals in both offices.

It’s been a flurry of building prep, furniture moving, and random logistics (not to mention the end of Q3, ramping into Q4 and our Fall Release) and I want to give a shout out to all of the people that have had a hand in prepping JamaSouth. Leasing an annex space because you’re team is growing at a rate of almost one new employee a week is definitely a good problem to have.

Change is constant. Change is good.



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