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DOORS’ Closing And An Opening For The New

Most of us don’t characterize ourselves as risk-takers. Humans inherently find solace in familiarity and routine. People in general are drawn to predictable outcomes, and engineers are no different. Regardless of industry or discipline, engineers seek ways to ensure that their work produces the intended result.
For the past two decades, product development teams from organizations, both large and small, have turned to IBM’s Rational Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to information while maintaining project compliance.
At the time, Rational DOORS provided product developers with a solution that allowed them to trace changes, create test environments, communicate with other team members, and integrate several independent moving parts. However, projects have become increasingly complex in nature since DOORS was first adopted, creating a need for quicker, more efficient software that can adapt to any change.
In the decades that have passed since DOORS first hit the market, nearly everything about how people consume and exchange information has changed. Work has gone from being done on bulky, on-premises computing networks, to being performed anywhere via cloud-based, user-friendly applications and devices of all sorts.
The kinds of products being built have also changed. Today’s products are increasingly connected to the internet, and each other, creating complex systems and development challenges for the engineers creating them. Many of these products are subject to compliance and regulatory oversight, posing a need for enhanced traceability and confidence in development processes.
The exchange of information by and between consumers is easier than ever, and yet enterprise platforms on the whole have lagged behind. Enterprise platforms are deserving of the same gains as those of the consumer, and younger generations of engineers are demanding them.
For the second time in a number of years, IBM has announced the DOORS end of life as they shift toward DOORS Next Generation (DOORS NG). The previous attempt to EOL DOORS was abandoned after customer backlash due to the difficult migration process from DOORS and the limitations of DOORS NG. For instance, DOORS NG lacks robust document review capabilities which can help users and teams make better decisions faster. Jama’s Review Center is consistently cited by customers as a key feature that helps them drive efficiency and optimal outcomes in their decision-making process. As IBM splits its effort between supporting an obsolete tool and attempting to move users to a new one with its own challenges, Jama remains focused on building a platform centered around users.
There are many reasons to move away from DOORS, but don’t take our word for it. Try Jama for free for 30 days with your own data and see for yourself.